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Born in 1978, it's at an early age that i know music will be my life. Growing up with disco, dance, my parents' french pop, immersed in the 80s wear and glitter, i'm fascinated with all things music; knobs, needles, amplifiers. Handling knobs and modifying sound.
Learning piano at 11 awakens the knowledge of harmonies in classical music. I knew then that i wanted to write and sing my own compositions.
The 90s came with a furious bang on all sounds electronic. An emotional output. My very first instrumental works are composed on the atari 1040ste.
At the age of 20, i head for paris to compose instrumentals for rapper mon's. I sign with emi in 2001. With electronic music comes the birth of duo alberkam. Producing bootlegs, exclusive remixes and original productions for radio fg, fun radio and nrj, with whom we obtain radio residency on saturday nights for the duration of 4 years.
Alberkam's termination in 2011 allows me to re-direct myself towards solo compositions on a variety of electronic modules.

  • Kamille Louis


    Dj duo and producer, Alberkam will leave their footprint with successful remixes for Mirwais, Madonna, Boy George, Micheal Jackson, to name a few. They will mix in numerous clubs throughout France and across boarders. Residents on NRJ Radio and Queen Club in Paris will bring about an album launch in 2009 with AZ/Universal.

  • Kamille Louis


    In 2008 the techno, minimal and "berlinois" sound bring me to the turntables. Working with various djs worldwide and in the south of France (where I reside), I mix on CD prior to the discovery of the midi controller.

  • Kamille Louis

    Pop Singer

    A musical synthesis of the last 15 years which has me performing this new ep " Something About Me " ; a musical set of which I am the actor.

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